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Young Swiss scientist Martin Rieder is working hard on a dream project with his brilliant colleague, Tanya Karnov. A discovery that promises a breakthrough in cancer cure. But one crucial element is still missing: investors with deep pockets.
In the midst of their fundraising efforts to prepare for the first trials on humans, unexpected and troubling events start occurring in the laboratories. Are they the result of a lack of professionalism or is someone deliberately causing them?
Oscillating between maddening reality and nascent paranoia, Martin finds himself caught up in a situation in which everything appears to be getting out of hand.
Written with a healthy dose of humour, The Ultimate Cure depicts one man’s dramatic against-the-clock struggle with the uncontrollable elements of life and the innermost foundations of his own beliefs.

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2 novembre 2012 : sortie de L’Homme qui ne croyait pas au hasard

traduction en français du livre  The Ultimate Cure par Pearlbooksedition


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